October 26, 2016

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Living in NYC

  • See New York with Sights by Sam Walking Tours

    Having a knowledgable guide and a thoughtful tour will enhance your understanding of a new place, allow you to learn new things, and create lasting memories. Sights by Sam aims to give you a personal tour experience. When you visit New York, whether you

  • Manhattan Apartment Price too High? Have you considered Queens?

    Ever feel like all you do is think about rent? Do you brag to your friends over happy hour because you had enough money in your bank account (with 18 cents to spare) moments before your rent check cleared last month? Is that really an accomplishment in to

  • Manhattan's Chinatown

    Situated between the Civic Center and the Lower East Side is Chinatown, one of the defining neighborhoods of Manhattan. Up to 100,000 people, including recent immigrants and families that have lived in this part of Manhattan for over a century, call this

  • All About Little Italy, NYC

    Since the arrival of many Italian immigrants in the 1800s, Italian-Americans have been one of the most important groups in the city - with many famous people in the city - such as mayors and athletes among them. Although today most Italian Americans in th

  • The Ultimate Guide to NYC Subway Etiquette

    When it’s morning rush hour and New Yorkers are packed into a subway car like sardines in a can, you don’t want to be that person—you know, the one who spilled their morning coffee across the bench so no one can sit there, or the one blasting music throug

  • The Manhattan Street Grid: Getting Around In New York City

    It is hard to believe sometimes that the average speed of a vehicle has not changed in over 100 years in Manhattan - around 12 miles per hour. The very same streets on the island that are packed most of the day today were the same way back then. Yet, ther

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