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  • Platinum's Survival Guide For Winter in NYC

    If you’ve recently made the move to the Big Apple, it’s likely that you haven’t experienced all four seasons yet. Our summers are really hot and our winters are super cold.

  • Pop-Up Holiday Gift Markets in NYC

    Savvy NYC shoppers, bored of mass-produced merchandise and tired of fighting the crowds, are “Taking it to the Streets,” this holiday season.

  • Best Places in NYC for Holiday Shopping

    The chill is in the air, Christmas trees are being lit all over the city, and Starbucks is featuring their holiday drinks. It can only mean one thing: the holiday season in NYC!

  • Best Places in NYC to Watch the World Cup

    More people than ever have become captivated by the soccer insanity. You can watch the games from home on your couch, but it doesn't compare to the excitement viewing the games amongst other soccer fans out at a bar.

  • The Best Tips for Moving to NYC. Here's What You Need to Know

    Let's be honest, no one likes moving. It's tiring, frustrating, and involves many steps. With balancing work and social life, it's hard to imagine being able to fit in time to plan the best possible relocation plan. Have no fear...

  • Best Neighborhoods in NYC To Be a Mets Fan

    Hey there, Mets fans. I did not forget about you. This is for all you young adults who want to cheer on the Amazin's in Flushing while being able to enjoy the rest of your social life in Gotham.

  • Bar Hopping in NYC: The Best Neighborhoods

    In NYC, the options available within the bar scene are endless. Any individual should be able to find a bar to their liking. However, after a night of drinking, the issue of a long commute back home often arises.

  • Brooklyn Heights: A Departure to an Earlier Era

    As a whole, NYC residential neighborhoods have grown up and progressed into the 21st century with ease. However, I find one neighborhood in particular to be an exception to this rule: Brooklyn Heights.

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