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  • Spruce Up Your Summer Apartment Style

    Winter coats are officially packed away and flip flops and bathing suits are out of storage. You change up your closet for summer, so why not spruce up your apartment to match. Here are five do it yourself tips for sprucing up your apartment for a chill,

  • Real Estate In New York City: Gimme Some Truth

    As the supply of land is finite and New York has been the preeminent city and entrance point to the U.S. since the 1800s, having enough room to house people who want to and have to live in the city has been one of the most pressing issues in the city’s

  • Apartment Hunting in NYC: Get More Bang For Your Buck

    One of the most difficult parts about searching for an apartment in NYC is trying to find your dream home on a strict budget. You think you’re the luckiest person when you find a studio that’s $300 cheaper than what you expected to pay.

  • L Train Shutown Anxiety? Try These Other Great Brooklyn Neighborhoods

    If you haven't heard about the great "L Train Shutdown" of 2019, chances are, you've been living under a rock somewhere. While most people have been attempting to figure out how they will get around during the shutdown, there are many other great Brooklyn

  • The Most Expensive Buildings In NYC

    Have you ever looked around the city and wondered what those ginormous buildings are and how much one costs to build? Lucky for you, we know everything about the 9 most expensive buildings in NYC that made it on Emporis’s list of most expensive building

  • Have a Summer Fling In NYC: Date Night With Dr. Mike

    Ahh, summer in New York City. The air is fresher, fruits taste sweeter and romance wafts in the warm summer breeze. Summer is a great time to go on dates, have a fling, and maybe even fall in love.

  • The 10 Greatest Baseball Players Born in New York

    Curious about great baseball players born in the Big Apple? Here are the 10 most famous baseball players of all-time born in the New York City area. You may be surprised by how many of them played in their hometown too.

  • Tales From The NYC Dating Scene: "The Lost Love"

    It was love at second date. On our first date, I was drunk. Really drunk. I had been at a Fourth of July party, and felt like some attention – this guy and I had been texting, and he seemed smart and funny.

  • Moving To NYC? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Easy

    8 great tips to make your move to New York City go smoothly.

  • Amazing Historical Photos of New York City

    New York City's rich history has provided us with thousands, maybe millions, of compelling photographic images. Enjoy these 10 amazing photos.

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