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  • 10 Romantic Things to do In NYC for Valentine’s Day 2017

    Paris may be the city of love, but NYC is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Here are ten great date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017 in NYC.

  • The Best NYC Neighborhoods For Singles

    If you're single and living in NYC some neighborhoods are better than others if you're looking to meet that special someone or just have places to socialize. Here are our recommendations.

  • Live Alone Or With a Roommate? The Pros and Cons of Both

    Before you begin your search for a new apartment, you have to make important decisions on exactly what type of new home you are looking for. One of the first factors to think about is: Do you want a roommate? Then consider: What’s your budget? Would you

  • Have a Summer Fling In NYC: Date Night With Dr. Mike

    Ahh, summer in New York City. The air is fresher, fruits taste sweeter and romance wafts in the warm summer breeze. Summer is a great time to go on dates, have a fling, and maybe even fall in love.

  • Tales From The NYC Dating Scene: "The Lost Love"

    It was love at second date. On our first date, I was drunk. Really drunk. I had been at a Fourth of July party, and felt like some attention – this guy and I had been texting, and he seemed smart and funny.

  • Tales From The NYC Dating Scene: "The Financier"

    For the record, this guy wasn't actually a financier. I don't think. I don't actually know what a financier is. I do like the word, though. Anyway. I matched with this man on Tinder, and I was fairly sure he'd be an jerk right away. He was really attracti

  • How Bad Is Bland? Tales From The NYC Dating Scene

    When you hear the term “bad date,” it usually brings to mind an evening spent with someone rude, or pretentious, or straight up misogynist. But I've found lately that a night spent with someone boring can be just as bad.

  • Passover, The Festival Of Spring

    For our Jewish friends, Passover-Chag Ha Aviv - Festival of Spring - is the holiday that brings them down Jewish memory lane and evokes feelings of joy, nostalgia and yes even dread.

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