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  • The Upper East Side of NYC: Manhattan's Suburban Oasis

    One may hear the terms "suburban" and "New York City" in the same sentence and think "You're kidding, right?" . What many don' t know is that it IS possible to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while living right in Manhattan.

  • Where to Eat Around Madison Square Garden

    While the area around Madison Square Garden (MSG), located on West 31st to 33rd Streets between 7th and 8th Avenues) does have many of these types of restaurants, there are plenty of other tasty options that would make for a great pre-game or concert meal

  • An Eating/Drinking Tour on the Queens 7 Train: Part 2

    Thus far, the neighborhoods we visited on the 7 train tour have been diverse, yet ethnic group settlement patterns have been hard to define. 74th Street and 82nd Street stations comprise Jackson Heights.

  • Best Places To Play Tennis in NYC

    For tennis players living in New York City, finding any court to play on can be challenging. While looking for tennis courts often feels like facing an opponent who has match point; it's not game, set, and match quite yet.

  • An Eating/Drinking Tour on the Queens 7 Train: Part 1

    It goes without saying that New York City is an eating and drinking mecca. The 7 train does not disappoint. Given the diverse population, there are hundreds of authentic, affordable ethnic eateries up and down the line.

  • Bar Hopping in NYC: The Best Neighborhoods

    In NYC, the options available within the bar scene are endless. Any individual should be able to find a bar to their liking. However, after a night of drinking, the issue of a long commute back home often arises.

  • Brooklyn Heights: A Departure to an Earlier Era

    As a whole, NYC residential neighborhoods have grown up and progressed into the 21st century with ease. However, I find one neighborhood in particular to be an exception to this rule: Brooklyn Heights.

  • Memories from the Upper West Side of NYC

    Reflecting on my memories of my time spent on the Upper West Side leads me to the following conclusion on the neighborhood: it is an area full of activity and a terrific community to go to grade school in.

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