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  • Don't Think Queens Is Hip? You Haven't Seen These Neighborhoods

    Images of “hip” NYC conjure up thoughts of many Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhood such as SoHo, Tribeca, Park Slope to name a few. Each of the five boroughs has unique neighborhoods that have a distinct hip factor, Queens being no exception. With ar

  • How to Prep Your Apartment for Winter

    For most Manhattanites this is the time of year where we celebrate the last days of bar hopping, date nights and window shopping on Fifth Avenue in preparation for months of nights in our heated apartments getting dry cleaning delivery, picking our dinner

  • Skyscraping - A Brief History Of The Tallest Buildings In NYC

    Builders face a constant battle of heights as new building after new building shoots up into the New York sky. This skyline climbs higher up into the clouds as the years pass forcing its once tallest buildings further and further down the list, pushing ou

  • Is Queens The New Manhattan?

    If someone told you it was possible to live 15 minutes away from Manhattan at a fraction of the price would you be interested? If your answer was yes, then you want to check out Queens, NY.

  • Affordable NYC: Reduce Rent with Temporary Walls

    NYC residents have long accepted the fact that in order to live in this great city, they have to compromise on space--- less space on the sidewalk, less space on the subway, even less space in their home. And they must do this while paying a premium cost.

  • What does "Rent-Controlled" and "Rent-Stabilized" mean?

    If you live in New York City, you know it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world, with a cost of living more than double the national average (68.8% higher, to be exact). And rent prices play no small part in how pricey the city is: last year,

  • Spruce Up Your Summer Apartment Style

    Winter coats are officially packed away and flip flops and bathing suits are out of storage. You change up your closet for summer, so why not spruce up your apartment to match. Here are five do it yourself tips for sprucing up your apartment for a chill,

  • Real Estate In New York City: Gimme Some Truth

    As the supply of land is finite and New York has been the preeminent city and entrance point to the U.S. since the 1800s, having enough room to house people who want to and have to live in the city has been one of the most pressing issues in the city’s

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