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"Brooklyn Heights is a residential area in Brooklyn, a genteel pocket of affluence, optimism, tranquility and atmosphere – there’s a definite vibe here, and a pleasant one at that. Brooklyn Heights extends from Old Fulton Street and the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge at the north and flows south to the bustle of Atlantic Avenue. It’s bounded by the East River and Cadman Plaza going west to east. It’s an old and historical place, and was the first neighborhood protected by the local Landmarks Preservation Law. A good deal of the charm of the area comes from the presence of literally hundreds of pre-Civil War wood and red brick houses, mansions, brownstones and row houses. Even the sidewalks are from another century. It’s just a fun place to walk around in. The smaller 2- to 5-story scale of the architecture also contributes to the intimacy of the neighborhood, and there are very few high-rise buildings interrupting the rare architectural continuity of the place. The St. George Tower, a co-operative, is a notable exception in the heart of the Heights, offering some of the finest downtown Manhattan and harbor views in the city. And it’s got a haunting Art Deco look to it with tons of vibage – no glass-n-steel here. Another very inviting feature of Brooklyn Heights is the Promenade, a lush tranquil area combining a park-like setting with awesome views of Lady Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and, not to be overlooked, the fabulous space of the sky over the river. Brooklyn Heights is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire city. But if you can swing it, the rewards of living in this beautiful area with its convenient shopping, accessibility by train, and gracious lifestyle are well worth it." By: Ken Hamberg

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Rental Prices:

$1,508 ― $3,333

Sales Prices:

$362,000 ― $800,000


Saint Francis College, Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn Heights Promenade

School Districts:

13 15

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  • brooklynmom
    November 18th 2014
    For me, it's the water. Living close to the Promenade, and to the expanding Brooklyn Bridge Park feels like a gift. A walk here is always restorative, and part of the fun is sharing the experience with the ever present, multilingual tourists. Although the heart of the community, Montague Street, is filled with the requisite Starbucks and other chain stores, it is also home to more local gems. Theresa's is a Polish restaurant with fabulous blintzes; Iris Cafe on Columbia Street has made the NY Times list of best coffee spots in New York and from April through November, the park hosts Smorgasburg; a festival of more than 100 local vendors, purveying Brooklyn's finest. As a parent of teenagers returning home at all hours, I also appreciate the relative security of the neighborhood. Travel by subway into Manhattan is quick and easy. The closest train to us is the R; closed for 13 months due to repairs necessitated by Hurricane Sandy, it re-opened in September. If you are looking for some quiet amidst the bustle of the city, for a day or for a home, Brooklyn Heights is a great choice!
  • crudenbaybooks
    November 2nd 2014
    When in Brooklyn Heights I always stop at Junior’s at the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb for the World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake.
  • peterjohnson
    June 17th 2014
    Close to Manhattan but has its own neighborhood feeling where you don't feel the need to go to the city all the time. A great family neighborhood with a fantastic selection of schools.
  • erlebaysallday
    May 3rd 2014
    My favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn! Beautiful brownstone-lined streets and a plethora of restaurants. The Trader Joes in the hard of Brooklyn Heights makes for convenient grocery shopping. Only downside of the neighborhood is that the pricing is starting to match that of Manhattan neighborhoods.
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    I lived in Brooklyn Heights for a year on Columbia Heights, right across from the Promenade. The neighborhood was beautiful, beyond safe and convenient for commuting into the city. I could wake up and walk on the Promenade, take a ferry from Atlantic Avenue or spend the day at Brooklyn Bridge park. It was magical. I was so sorry to leave it. It's like the Upper West Side or Battery Park condensed into a little pocket of Brooklyn. You feel removed but not in a bad way. It is like you are tucked away into an area that is yours, and when you want to go explore the craziness of the city, you can. But your little nook is always there for you. But it is expensive. Expect to pay a lot for this feeling of peace and quiet.

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