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Midwood is a Brooklyn neighborhood in the central southern area of the borough. It is bounded on the north by the Brooklyn College campus and on the south by Avenue P. The eastern border is Nostrand Avenue, McDonald Avenue to the west is the other boundary. The ‘hood has seen several demographic changes throughout its history, and most recently the neighborhood has become a destination for Orthodox Jews from other parts of Brooklyn. In fact, the 2012 census found Midwood to be the least diverse neighborhood in otherwise extremely diverse New York! Midwood has remained a steadily quiet and family-friendly hood for decades, with excellent schools, including the famously chess-champion-producing Edward R. Murrow High School, which also boasts a superlative theatre program. In contrast to other up-and-coming Brooklyn nabes, Midwood is a safe bet for those looking for a spot where the rents aren’t going to suddenly jump with the arrival of a specialty coffee shop down the street. Attractions in this area include Di Fara pizza, a legendary mecca for the crispy Neopolitan pie made by (and only by) Domenico DeMarco since 1964. Gastronomes will also appreciate Pomegranate, which has been likened to a kosher Whole Foods. Strap-hangers can ride the B/Q for forty minutes to downtown Manhattan, the F line takes a more circuitous route around Brooklyn for those looking to get to some northern neighborhoods. With Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Parkway, drivers have options. By Merritt Duncan

Neighborhood Highlights





Rental Prices:

$875 ― $2,727

Sales Prices:

$210,000 ― $655,000


Avenue J, Avenue M

School Districts:

21 22

Police Precincts:

66 70

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  • jcsfny
    June 12th 2015
    Re: Chains 'making their way to Midwood'; I meant Coney Island Avenue and Kings Highway - not Ocean Avenue as I erroneously stated in my earlier post.
  • jcsfny
    June 12th 2015
    Actually, the boundaries are Ave J to the North, Ocean Avenue to the East, Ave P to the South, and Ocean Pkwy to the West. Rents are far higher than stated in the paragraph above, and the housing prices are blasting upwards as well. The neighborhood is changing yet again. Bigger chains are making their way on Ocean Ave and Kings Hwy. The 'Overflow' from Park Slope is changing the diversity daily. Young families are moving in and snatching up the older homes available in the hood (due to the many foreclosures that occurred in the past 15 years). And these families are not Hasidim. This hood is taking off.....

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