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Once known for its prisons and asylums, Roosevelt Island – an oasis of public parks and river views – provides the feel of suburban living via a five-minute tram ride from Manhattan. Located between Manhattan’s Upper East Side and the borough of Queens, the island attracts a diverse group of people from an ethnic, economic and social standpoint. Young professionals, families, United Nations workers, senior citizens and college students all call Roosevelt Island home. The two-mile long island offers an affordable mix of older low-rise apartment buildings and recently developed high rises. Roosevelt Island features numerous sports fields, a promenade with breathtaking views of Manhattan, along with a running and biking path that follows the East River. Food and beverage options have increased over the past few years. There are two supermarkets (a Gristedes and a gourmet market), a Starbucks, and a mix of eateries offering Asian, American and Italian fare. The Island and its tram have done star turns in films like City Slickers, The Conspiracy Theory and, most memorably, in the first Spiderman movie. Actress Mae West, mobster Dutch Schultz and blues singer Billie Holiday all resided at Roosevelt Island at some point in their lives. Historic landmarks include the Octagon Tower, Blackwell Lighthouse and the Chapel of Good Shepherd. In 2012, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park was dedicated on the southern tip of the island, which will soon be the site of the Cornell NYC Tech graduate school campus. A scenic tram ride from the Upper East Side, or one stop on the F train, make for easy access to Roosevelt Island. The F train also offers a quick commute to various parts of Manhattan and Queens. Long Island City and Astoria are just a five-minute drive or bus ride on the Q102 via the Roosevelt Island Bridge into Queens. “The Red Bus,” as locals call it, provides free transportation along the island’s main road. By Rory Sasson

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Blackwell House, Roosevelt Island Tramway

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  • sam
    June 4th 2014
    This area is going to grow even more with the Cornell tech campus arriving soon. If you want the ultimate suburban feel right by NYC this is your neighborhood. Tennis courts, soccer fields, and sport courts dot the island, with affordable parking in the middle of the island. The only downside is there are not many restaurants (however this is changing). Makes for a great family area.
  • Mason
    March 5th 2014
    very cool! never even knew about this place until now! Thanks for broadening my horizons!
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    I lived on Roosevelt Island when I last resided in New York City and still have family who lives there. If I could describe the area in a sentence I would say it is like living in a suburb within the city. Roosevelt Island is relatively quiet so it is a great place to live if you need a break from the craziness in Manhattan and yet, for the times you want to be in the center of the Manhattan action, you are a stop on the F train or a tram ride away from the Upper East Side. Queens is also nearby with neighborhoods such a Long Island City only a stop away on the F train going towards Queens and Astoria is several stops away by bus. Roosevelt Island is generally family friendly though it is also getting a crowd of young adults especially with the new high rise buildings being developed in recent years. The area also has great sports facilities which include the tennis club right by the tram, an indoor gym with basketball courts and a swimming pool next to the tennis club, baseball and softball fields, some soccer fields, and great paths that go along the East River which are great for biking and jogging. There is not all that much in terms of shopping and restaurants though Manhattan is close I don't see that as a big deal. The restaurants that do exist are quite serviceable. The diner in center of town makes a great burger and has a dedicated staff. A new bar and grill was recently built by the F train strop which is a great place for some happy hour drinks. Some food chains have also come to Roosevelt Island recently including Starbucks and Subway so there are still dining options nearby even if they don't seem as vast compared to other neighborhoods in the city. Of course, you can't miss out on going on The Tram, which is often seen as what symbolizes Roosevelt Island. The birds eye view you get of New York City on the ride between Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side is gorgeous.

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