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Thinking about living on the Upper East Side of NYC?

Framed by Central Park to the west, the East River to the East, and 59th and 96th streets south and north respectively, the Upper East Side (UES) of NYC provides residents and visitors alike with world-class boutiques such as Barneys New York alongside top restaurants and globally recognized museums. The neighborhood’s “Museum Mile” (5th Avenue between East 82nd and 105th streets) features nine renowned museums with favorites such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum.

Walk a few blocks east and travel up and down the well-manicured Park Avenue. This majestic thoroughfare highlights the finest in NYC living alongside a beautifully gardened median with trees and flowers galore. The area plays a backdrop for countless movies and television shows, with Sex and the City and the Jeffersons being among two of the best known. The neighborhood is self-sustained with countless supermarkets (including a new Fairway Market), home service stores, restaurants of all cuisines, and a host of other services such as gyms and salons suitable for any budget.

The Upper East Side is serviced by the 4,5,6 subway line on Lexington Avenue along with three corridors of local and limited bus service. Additional subway service will arrive in 2016 with the completion of the Second Avenue subway. The neighborhood also provides easy access to other parts of the city and outlying areas via the FDR drive and numerous East River crossings.

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Rental Prices:

$2,250 ― $7,900

Sales Prices:

$540,000 ― $1,900,000


Allan Stone Gallery, Central Park Zoo, The Frick Collection

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  • dikar
    January 14th 2015
    Still lots of mom and pop stores and good restaurants in every price range. The side streets have beautiful townhouses and it's a quiet area to all in. Real Estate prices are more moderate than other areas, the further east you go because you're further away from transportation.
  • Zloisada
    December 4th 2014
    I've lived here for years-first as a single woman and now as a married one. The neighborhood has its high end areas--think Park Avenue-and its homier areas-like York and 1st Avenues which still boast local ethnic eateries and mom and pop shops. In the East 60's, we love frequenting Health Source Pharmacy vs. the big box stores. They carry just about everything and will go out of their way to provide great service at great prices. The hospital area provides a great mix of people, restaurants and services. I love it.
  • sophie
    June 4th 2014
    Suburbs meets city on the Upper East Side. The only tourist heavy area is by 5th Avenue and all of the museums. The rest of the neighborhood is families (closer to Central Park) and young professionals and families (east of 3rd Avenue). Lots of playgrounds and local parks in the area as well.
  • erlebaysallday
    May 3rd 2014
    I grew up on the Upper East Side and cannot praise the area enough for its family-friendly culture. The neighborhood has great tree-lined streets, a good variety of restaurants, and shopping galore. While the area can have expensive properties, bargains can be found, especially in the rental market. The 1st and 2nd Avenue areas are becoming more popular with the young professional crowd as rents downtown increase significantly. Definitely put the Upper East Side on your shortlist for areas in Manhattan to live!
  • Mom
    January 14th 2014
    I have lived in the East 70's for over 25 years. The area closer to the East River is great for singles and young families. It buzzes with 20 and 30 somethings just starting their careers and families.All of the necessary conveniences(stores,restaurants,dry cleaners/shoe repairs ,gyms, schools,etc.)are within easy reach. Parking garages are plentiful as are transportation options. The areas closer to the park are markedly quieter and more peaceful. Fifth,Madison and Park Avenues are inhabited generally by more mature individuals although wealthier families are starting to invest here. While businesses of convenience are not as plentiful in this area, it is not a deterrent as so many places deliver.
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    I recently just moved to E. 78th by the river. I LOVE it up here! It is such a family oriented neighborhood, so even when I come home at 4 am from my bar job -- I feel relatively safe. With that in mind -- it's nice to live in a quiet area! It's very relaxing, and easy going up here. I also love that everything I could ever need is within a couple of blocks (a grocery store, the post office, mult. deli's, duane reade, starbucks/dunkin, a pizza joint, a library, a butcher, restaurants, a park, a running path etc.). I am so happy that I can call this neighborhood my home!
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    Quiet and clean neighborhood, with a great restaurant scene! Great area, and I can't wait to move back there in October this year.
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    I used to live in the area and after 3 years of living in the East Village area I am now planning to move back to the Upper East Side. It is quiet up there, cleaner than in various other Manhattan areas, you can get great deals on pricing, and I love the restaurant scene. Thumbs-up for the Upper East Side.
  • Anonymous
    November 8th 2013
    Great family friendly neighborhood. Highly recommended for a more suburban like feel in a big city.

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